A Moment to Reflect – Loneliness

If you’re struggling with loneliness today, know this: you may feel lonely, but you are not alone. God promised He would never leave you.

And God always keeps His promises.

Maybe someone has hurt you, broken promises that have broken a part of you. Maybe you’ve pushed people away because of that pain. God can heal that part of you. He can bring you to the place where you can begin to trust others again. Just ask Him.

Don’t trust your feelings of loneliness. Yes, you may feel lonely, but feelings can change for so many different reasons. Read God’s Word. Listen to His wise counsel and tenderness, His still, small voice as He lovingly shows you more of His trustworthy and faithful character.

Oh dear soul, you are not alone today. You will not be alone tomorrow or the day after. Don’t listen to the enemy’s lies. He wants to deceive you into believing no one cares about you, no one understands.

God not only knows you more than you know yourself, but He understands you. He knows how to get through to you, wherever you are, to shatter the enemy’s lies.

Know this: There are many who care about you, many who need you – some you haven’t even met yet. You are vitally important to this world. You have a major role in this time in history. You may not see it yet, but God does indeed have a great plan for your life.

So don’t let the feelings of loneliness cause you to doubt. When those feelings hit hard, close your eyes. Instead of focusing on the world around you, a dark room or an empty chair, cry out to God and allow the Holy Spirit to remind you of His faithfulness and the times He’s walked with you before. He hasn’t left you. He’s still there. Just because you can’t “feel” His presence doesn’t mean He’s not with you. Cling to his promises and not to your feelings.

Cling to the One who created you and saved you. Cling to the One who lives within you and is coming back for you.

Oh precious soul, you are not alone – you are loved by Almighty God. ♥️

Deeper Reflection: Read Deuteronomy 31:6, Psalm 73:23-26, and Isaiah 41:10.

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