Meet Joey

That’s me many moons ago. A little girl named Joey. It’s no wonder I grew up as an underdog. And you know what? I’m still one today, and I’m still smiling about it. But more importantly…

I’m in your cheering section!

It’s hard feeling like you’re standing alone for the fight of your life, isn’t it? I know. I get it. But you’re not alone. God said He would never leave you and guess what? I’m here rooting for you! The loud one shouting and whistling for you? That’s me. And the one who bows her head at her laptop to pray for you, well, that’s me too. I hope you’ll pray for me, the lifelong underdog who is still “fighting” to get published.

A few tidbits about me:

  • I adore Jesus Christ, my family and friends, and words. So when I write stories about the way God shows up in the underdog’s life AND I get to share them with my family and friends (like you!), I am ELATED!!
  • God has blessed me with an amazing hubby and daughter who understand I’m culinarily challenged. (I once messed up jello!)
  • I talk a lot and drink BIG cups of coffee. Hmm. Maybe the two are connected.
  • I don’t have an ounce of athletic ability unless you count racing to eat all of my Christmas candy before the new year begins.
  • I LOVE being alone but get awfully weird if I’m alone for too long. (I’ve been known to talk to stuffed animals.)
  • My basement office is decorated in all-things Christmas ALL YEAR LONG where I can play Christmas music as loud as I want.
  • Of course I write Christmas fiction. But I also write contemporary women’s fiction. Or I get downright crazy and find a way to combine the two.
  • I sometimes eat chocolate chips for lunch, and I could live in flannel shirts, jeans, and fuzzy socks year-round.
  • I have curly hair that argues with me when I try to control it and REALLY bad photos to prove the dispute.
  • Some of my favorite movies are: It’s a Wonderful Life, Scrooge (Albert Finney version), I Can Only Imagine, Rudy, and Boys Town.
  • I love stories that make me cry – writing them and reading them.
  • I’m a stay-at-home momma and burner of many dinners. That’s just the way I roll.

Want more?

You can also check out my live interview on with Coach Mark Prasek where I explain my walk with Christ and a little bit about my love for writing Christmas stories.

When you’re done laughing (I don’t know which is worse, my hair or glasses in the top right photo), I hope you’ll stop by my blog or contact me and let me know what you’re “fighting” for today so I can pray for you.