A Moment to Reflect – Overwhelmed

When it seems there are too many things coming against you – physical issues, damaged relationships, emotional scars you never dealt with, discouragement, financial stress – you can feel overwhelmed. There’s so much pressing against you that it’s hard to breathe. It’s as if you’re holding your breath while running a marathon that’s taking place in a raging storm.

But God is with you in this storm.

When you’re on the verge of slipping, when the darkness of discouragement threatens to take hold of you, it is God’s mighty hand that draws you in and keeps you grounded in His presence. He will not allow the winds that have encircled you to knock you down. They may howl and cause you to tremble, but your heavenly Father will hush you and sing over you, wrapping His arms around you.

God is your peace, the eye in the middle of your storm.

He has seen the times you’ve cried while you were driving, when you had so many things on your mind and it seemed to be the only place to get away to let your heart split wide open. He’s heard your frantic cries when you felt no one understood all that you were up against, when you felt there was no one to help.

Oh, dear soul, your heavenly Father wants to help and bring peace to your weary heart. He will not barge into your life like an unwelcomed guest. He’s waiting for you to ask.

Imagine that. The God of all creation waits for YOU to cry out to Him when you’re overwhelmed. Don’t wait. He is there now. Just ask. And watch and see what He will do in your life and how He will calm those winds and still the waters. ❤️

“You do not have because you do not ask God.”

James 4:2b NIV.

Deeper Reflection: Read Mark 11:24, John 14:27, and Isaiah 25:4.

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