I write contemporary women’s fiction and Christmas fiction. What can I say? I love writing about characters who are dealing with every day struggles and doubts and infusing the story with some spectacular, unexpected way God shows up in their lives.

I’m currently working on an anthology of three Christmas novellas. My inner-self forbids me from revealing too much right now. I have a theory I call the “purple elephant.” You see, if I were to tell you I’m writing a book about a purple elephant, you might respond with, “Why purple? Wouldn’t polka dots be better?” Then I begin to overthink, doubt, delete, and get myself into a big mess.

So, I’m working on something. Purple elephant. You get it.

But I can tell you I’m blogging here and at my other website, Training for Eternity. I can also share details about one of my completed novellas and novel, and if you’d like to read them, well, I’d love to share them with you! Please pray that I find the agent after God’s own heart (my prayer) and a publisher so that can happen. In the meantime, you can get a glimpse of those works below, and you can check out some of my short stories by clicking on the links at the bottom.

Especially Now

Briar doesn’t know if she’s dying or already dead since she’s never died before. But when she finds herself in a hospital bed after rushing to buy a pair of pantyhose to wear to her husband’s office Christmas party, she wonders, not only if she survived the car accident, but about the little boy wearing a hospital gown who plops down beside her.

As she tries to help him find his own room, she discovers there is more to this little stranger than she first realized. And when she opens the hospital doors and sees moments of her past playing before her like a movie, she discovers there is more meaning to her own life than she ever dreamed.

Life to the Full

When Brooklyn Moretti finds herself evicted, unemployed, and alone, she blames Jesus and a pair of gloves from a homeless man for her undoing.

Without any money or a place to stay, her only option is to move in with an unusual family of believers who offer her a couch to sleep on, opportunities to serve the needy, and their faith.

Will Brooklyn learn the truth about God and discover His purpose for her life?  Or will she choose to resent Him for her past and miss His touch in her life?

  • 2017 ACFW Genesis semi-finalist in the short novel category/entered as Paper Snowflakes
  • Completed manuscript – 89,000 words.
  • Contemporary women’s fiction.

Butterfly Wings

This novel is not available as its permanent home is in a dark corner of our basement to keep the rats out. It’s that scary. And I don’t mean that in a good, suspenseful kind of way.

Short Christmas Stories

My love for writing Christmas stories began in 1996, and I’ve enjoyed writing them ever since. You can check out a few of of these short Christmas stories on my other website Training for Eternity by clicking on the title(s) below. There’s even a video of me reading, “A Different Kind of Christmas” on Facebook if you’d rather listen to one:

You can also check out my live interview on PJNET.tv with Coach Mark Prasek where I explain how my Christmas stories began and why I love writing them. You’ll also get a peek at my Christmas office!

Short Stories

I love writing Christian fiction! Again, just click on the titles below to check them out. There are other videos on Facebook if you’re in the mood to sit back and relax while I read to you. I hope you enjoy them!