A Moment to Reflect – Comfort

Your comfort is not a compass for your direction or the steps you should take.

Maybe you may feel so uncomfortable about a person or a situation, but no one else does, so you consider sticking around. Don’t assume you’re imagining it or there’s something wrong with you. The Holy Spirit may be stirring this within you so you’ll be aware and stay clear – He may be trying to protect you.

Or maybe you may feel so at ease right where you are that when a new opportunity arises you may not want to take that step forward because you hate the idea of leaving – you’ve grown comfortable here.

Don’t let your comfort or discomfort determine your next move.

Pray. Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you. It is, after all, the Lord who determines your steps. You may have plans and a thousand different ideas, but God has the best step for you today. He knows the roadblocks and pitfalls up ahead. He also knows the blessings He has for you along the way, and they’re so much better than anything you’ll find while idling in your comfort zone.

Take heart, dear soul. Your heavenly Father has not left you without a true guide. Be still and listen to the Holy Spirit’s promptings, and you’ll receive something so much better than comfort for your flesh – you’ll have peace in your spirit and joy knowing you’re headed in the right direction. ❤️

Deeper Reflection: Read Mark 14:32-38.

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