One Moment

You may only have a moment – one spectacular moment tucked into your busy day. Maybe you’ll be stuck in traffic or waiting on a loved one who’s at a doctor’s appointment. Perhaps the moment will sneak up on you while you catch your breath after mowing the lawn as the wind cools the sweat from your brow. Or maybe after a morning walk, the moment will take hold of you, causing you to reflect as the sun begins to climb. The moment may even close in on you while you’re in a crowd, hushing the noises around you.

One moment. Sometimes that’s all it takes to connect with God, the One who created you to connect with Him as the world spins with all its busyness around you.

Grab the moment. Don’t let it slip from your grasp. Reach out and take that moment and lift it up in praise and prayer to your God, the One who never sleeps or takes His eyes from you – not even for a single moment.

Take that in, dear soul. The One who created the world around you gives you His complete attention all the days of your life. He never ignores you, never forgets you. Even in His silence, He remains steadfast by your side. Don’t let the sacred moment He’s carved into your day fade with the sun. He has great and wonderful things to share with you. Just take a moment to listen and bask in His glory, in His love.

And as He lavishes His love on you in that intimate and sacred moment, you may realize you want more of this, more of Him. Oh dear soul, He wants that too. Your heavenly Father wants more moments with you. ❤️

Deeper Reflection: Read Psalm 139.

4 thoughts on “One Moment

  1. Patty McCrobie

    Joey, this is so so good!
    You have such a gift from writing from your heart and touching and encouraging every person that will read these ❤❤
    Love ya girl❤

    Liked by 1 person

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