A Moment to Reflect – Trust

Trust. It’s a hard thing to do after you’ve been hurt. You might feel like it’s easier, safer to withdraw and pull yourself back. And for a time, maybe that’s true.

But after awhile, something starts to happen. The safety of the walls you’ve put up to protect yourself from being hurt again start to feel harsh, like cold metal. You’re lonely at times, but you think it’s a small sacrifice to pay for the safety of this place. Until you realize you’re also keeping out the good. The things that once brought you joy can’t reach through the thick walls you’ve built. Now this place of safety feels more like a prison cell, and you don’t know how to break free. You want to, but you’re uncertain and afraid of being hurt again.

God sees you in your isolation, and He knows why you put up those walls. He knows how to free you from them too. And really, He knows all about the painful situation and the toxic people that broke your trust.

In a way, they broke you too.

But God can get you back, set you free, and bring you out and into a place of joy like you’ve never known. He can heal your wounds and your brokenness. Jesus came to give you eternity, and He’s gone to prepare a place for you. He also came to give you a full life. You can trust Him. He was betrayed. He was broken beyond anything you can imagine. He was abandoned by those closest to Him. You can trust Him.

Your heavenly Father wants more for you than being shut in by those walls of yours. He has amazing things planned for you. You don’t have to reach far. Simply say, “Lord, please help me,” and He will hold you inside those walls. You see, He’s been there all along, waiting for you to cry out to Him. He never left you. You’ve never really been alone.

God wants to heal you. Let Him. Don’t hold anything back. Talk to Him. Worship Him. Remember who you are to Him. And before long, you’ll look up and realize the walls no longer confine or define you – you are more than your pain, so much more than scars. You are His child and you are free.

That’s how much your heavenly Father loves you – enough to break you free from this place AND wait with you, holding you in His arms until you’re ready to look up, until you’re ready to stand up and move forward. He goes with you from this place, dear soul. He is your shield, and you can always trust Him.♥️

Deeper Reflection: Read Psalm 62.

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