A Moment to Reflect – Sing

The enemy can be very quiet and subtle at times. He doesn’t always attack in loud and obvious ways.

Stay alert. Keep praying. Watch your thoughts – this can’t be stressed enough. If you’re struggling physically, your defenses are down – especially if you’re having problems sleeping. This is when you may feel especially weak. The enemy will use this to his advantage and strike.

Negative thoughts, memories of past “failures,” and an abundance of guilt over relationships God has removed from your life can flood your mind – Satan will try to confuse and distract you by tricking you into chasing after people and things God has removed from your life – God hems you in to protect you. Trust Him.

You might not even realize those thoughts are there until you notice how discouraged you are, feeling worse mentally than you do physically. It’s as if you’re spiraling down, unable to climb out of this dark place because you are completely exhausted.

Oh dear soul, when you feel you have nothing left, not an ounce of strength to climb out, when you’ve cried out to God and asked others to pray, there is one thing you can do: Sing. That’s right, sing to God. Sing about God and His goodness. It may sound strange, but sing even as your tears fall and watch how your strength returns. Having joy in the Lord replenishes your strength. Not only that, you’re focusing on the loveliness of your heavenly Father. You’re shining the light within you and the enemy can’t stop that or keep you in a confined place of darkness.

Let the Holy Spirit flow through and from you. He is with you. Don’t let the enemy and the way he twists your thoughts and distorts the truth keep you in the dark dungeon of discouragement. Remember who you are in Christ Jesus. The enemy has no hold on you! It is all an illusion. Of course Satan is going to attack, especially when you’re serving God, but the enemy will not have victory over you.

Put on the full armor God has given you, piece by piece, and when you imagine pulling the helmet of salvation into place, let it also rest upon your ears – blocking the lies and guilt from the enemy. Let the song within your heart to your Almighty God be the sweet sound you hear. Let the melody intertwine with the beauty of His still, small voice. Listen to that glorious song, dear soul, as your heavenly Father lifts you up and takes you into His arms.❤️

Deeper reflection: Read Psalm 13: 5-6.

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