A Moment to Reflect – Needing Others

Sometimes you’re going to need the support of others who are not only willing to stand with you as God works things out in your life, but to pray for you.

There may be times when your faith is fragile or even bruised – when you’ve been enduring some great battle and all you seem to know, all you seem to remember is pain and darkness. The battle may have just started or perhaps it’s one that’s been raging for years. God will place certain people in your life at just the right moment to walk with you, to lift you up in pray. Perhaps you’ve sensed those prayers before when a dark and heavy time suddenly became more tolerable, even dissipating completely – sweet relief washing over you. The Holy Spirit will guide others to pray for you, even waking them in the middle of the night.

Perhaps He’s instructed you this way before, whispering a name to you during your day or stirring you from your bed at night. Now you know the impact of those types of prayers. Be faithful, diligent when it’s your turn to pray.

But perhaps today is the day you’re sobbing in the dark, unable to find rest for your weary bones and the pain you carry in your spirit. Jesus. Whisper His powerful name. He wants you to come to Him. It’s okay if you fall apart on the floor, soaking it with your tears. He never said you can only come to Him when you pull yourself together, when you have everything figured out. He waits for you now, in the middle of your darkest battle. He has not left you. Don’t mistake His silence for his absence. And remember God’s great love for you, all that Jesus endured for YOU when the enemy of your soul tries to attack you with his lies. Satan is a liar who will try to make you doubt the very character of God. Read God’s Word, so you’ll know your mighty God and His voice.

Remember this truth: God sees you.

Right in the middle of your desperation, right in the midst of your discouragement and pain, your heavenly Father sees you and is working things out in your life. He is leading others to pray for you. He is sending angels to surround you. You are not alone in this battle. Be patient. Don’t doubt. You don’t have to deny you’re struggling, just don’t deny that God is aware and cares for you. Go to Him in prayer and trust that He hears you. And know others are praying for you too. You’re going to get through this battle, dear soul, and you’re going to win – God is fighting for you. ❤️

Deeper reflection: Read James 5:13-20.

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