A Moment to Reflect – Pain

Physical pain can torment you, keeping you up at night and agitated and grumpy throughout the day.

This is no mystery to God.

He created your body, and He fully understands what’s “off.” Cry out to Him. He will hold you in the night. He will whisper and lead you to relief, guiding you to your next step. He knitted you in your mother’s womb, so of course He understands what’s causing the pain.

Be still. Rest if you need to. Take things slowly. Don’t feel guilty if you can’t tackle your endless to-do list. Instead, focus on your Healer. He will take care of you.

Perhaps the answer will come today. Perhaps the healing will be immediate. But if it’s not, trust Him that He really is working out all of this for your ultimate good.

Someday you’ll be able to look back and see His fingerprint on this page in your life, and you’ll have more understanding. But until then, know that He sees you. He is with you in your pain.

And be comforted knowing that one day, dear soul, you will be with Him, face to face, in the glorious place where pain will be no more. Not even a shadow of it will remain. Not even a memory. You’ll be too wrapped-up in the love of your heavenly Father to even remember such a thing ever touched you. ❤️

Deeper reflection: Read Psalm 139.

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