A Moment to Reflect – Change

God never changes. He is the same God who was with you when you were a child, cowering in the dark, afraid of shadows. He stands by you now, sheltering you from the storm of your circumstances. He doesn’t change, but your awareness of Him does. It grows, reaching through the years of your life.

You will learn of His faithfulness through your trails. You’ll discover His compassion through your pain. And you’ll understand more of His grace through all of your mistakes and messes. Our loving God remains steadfast in a world ever-changing and faltering. Cling to Him. He will never fail you. He will never let you down.

Look back throughout the pages of your memories and you’ll see Him there. Close your eyes and remember He is the only One who stands by you every day of your life. He is the same today as He was when you drew your first breath. And He will be the One comforting you when you close your eyes for the last time to the things of this world, rejoicing with you when you open them to see His face and the eternity He has prepared for you.

God never changes. He’s always loved you.♥️

Deeper reflection: Read Psalm 145.

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