A Moment to Reflect – Waiting

God is doing something new in me. When isn’t He?! I’ll be sharing SHORT encouraging posts as He leads. So take a moment, my friends, to reflect on God and what He’s doing in your life!


Don’t be tempted to manipulate your circumstances. Yes, waiting is hard. But you can do it. You NEED to do it. Don’t think for a minute that God isn’t aware. He’s always working behind the scenes on your behalf. But if you shove your way into this situation, you could ruin all that He’s been working on.

Think of the time it takes a spider to build its web, the tiny droplets of dew glistening in the morning light. Such lovely artwork until someone walks right through it, brushing it off like a nuisance. You have no idea what God is creating for you, what He’s working out for your good.

Trust Him. Trust His plan. Don’t try to bulldoze your way into this situation as if you know better. Don’t let anger, guilt, or fear motivate you to rush ahead either. Wait on God. Yes, waiting is hard. Of course, it is. But when you get where God is leading and you look back at the intricate artwork of your journey, you’ll see it was worth it. And your heart will be ready to appreciate it.

Deeper reflection: Read 1 Samuel 13:1-14.

4 thoughts on “A Moment to Reflect – Waiting

  1. Thanks for these words. I needed to hear them. Patience for God to work out difficult circumstances is not my strong suit. Your words are especially touching since just a few days ago I was awed by the work of a spider who built a web high up in a tree. Fascinated, I looked up how a spider builds a web online. There’s a cool You Tube video of a spider in action. God created spiders to have a claw hook at the end of one of their legs to facilitate the web building. If God can create spiders to spin webs, I know I can trust him to create the right circumstances for me.

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    1. Amen, Alice! I believe that too – God can create the right circumstances for you! Isn’t it amazing how He intimately speaks to us? I hadn’t planned on writing about a spider web but “saw” it while writing. And then your comment…that you’d recently been in awe of their webs and even went researching…that amazes and blesses me! God always knows how to get through to us, how to speak to us doesn’t He?! Just this morning I was praying for God to help me to wait well. Then I read your comment here…now I’m praying for you, that God will help you to wait well while He is working things out for your good. He knows what we both need, what we’re both waiting for, and I believe He’s helping us both in our waiting. Keep leaning into Him. He’s got you!! And I’m praying for you. Blessings to you!! ♥️🙏


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