When Satan Targets You

“Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift you as wheat. But I [Jesus] have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.”

Luke 22:31-32 NIV.

Do you feel like you’ve got a target on your back? Does it seem like you’re battling one thing after another?

Spiritual warfare is real, and the enemy of your soul may have you in his sights.

If you’re following Jesus Christ, the attacks will come. And if you’re sold out for Christ and determined to stand your ground, pushing forward and avoiding the enemy’s traps while serving the Lord, you’ll eventually be targeted.

Satan wants to take you down and destroy you when you’re on fire for God because he knows you mean business. He wants to sift you like wheat, a process that involves beating and separating.

Do you feel beaten in your soul or disconnected from others like you’re going through this alone?

Satan wants to beat you down and shake your faith so hard that you’ll let go of Jesus. The enemy wants you to get angry at God and blame Him for everything in order to separate you from Him.

But Satan must ASK for permission to sift you. And when he’s ALLOWED to do so, Jesus Christ, who is seated at the right hand of the Father, intercedes on your behalf.

Oh, precious soul. Think about it. When Satan tries to rattle your faith, Jesus Christ is praying for you!

Thank You, Jesus!

You are not alone in the fight. Even if everyone else has walked away, Jesus is working on your behalf, and the Holy Spirit is with you.

So, when the attacks come, more frequently and with greater ferocity, think of it as a faith-building test that God is fully aware of and monitoring. Stand your ground, brave soul, and He WILL bring good from this test.

Is it painful? Yes. Difficult? Absolutely. But keep moving. Keep praying. Don’t you dare turn away from God! If you’ve messed up, turn back to Him. God can and will still use you after you’ve failed, and you can help others who are stumbling.

And when you see through Satan’s schemes and know he’s LIMITED by your faithful God, you’ll know things are not spinning out of control – God is in complete control of your situation, and He is faithful to help you through it.

So, if Satan has targeted you, remember Jesus Christ is on your side, and He’s already defeated Satan.

And your heavenly Father has you in HIS sights and loving care to strengthen your faith for your calling and purpose and to make you more like Jesus Himself.

What an honor. ❤️

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