Surrender What Matters Most

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.”

Mark 12:30 NIV.

Surrender. It’s seen as a defeat, waving the white flag to those who are against you.

But when you surrender to God, you’re not giving up to someone who is against you – you’re giving IN to someone who cherishes you.

Surrendering to God is trusting Him with what matters most to you and believing He cares.

When you surrender your loved ones to Him, it may be difficult to stand back, feeling like you have no control or that you’re giving up on them. But you’re not. You’re giving IN to God on their behalf and asking Him to intervene in their lives.

You’re asking the One who loves them more than you can comprehend to care for them in ways you can’t and in ways beyond your control.

You can also surrender your dreams to God. He knows what’s in your heart. Perhaps the dream you’ve had for so long is the dream He gently hid within your heart when He created you.

If you surrender that dream to Him, He can make a way where the world shows you nothing but roadblocks. He can give you favor and open doors you couldn’t possibly open on your own.

And lifting up your dream and those you love to God will keep them from becoming snares or idols in your life.

By giving God everything and surrendering it all to Him, you’re showing Him HE MATTERS MOST in your life. When you love GOD with everything you’ve got and all that you are, you find yourself in a place of deep humility and intimacy with Him.

And when that happens, you’ll see surrendering to God isn’t losing at all. It’s winning in life-changing ways.

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