“If your first concern is to look after yourself, you’ll never find yourself. But if you forget about yourself and look to me [Jesus], you’ll find both yourself and me.”

(Matthew 10:39 MSG.)

There will be seasons in your life when you feel lost. If you focus on yourself, trying to figure everything out on your own, it only makes things worse as you spin around or wander down the wrong path.

When you’re young, you may feel like you don’t know what you’re supposed to do with your life. It can seem overwhelming, leaving you to feel utterly lost in a sea of choices.

As life changes and you grow older, things happen that leave you feeling lost all over again.

You lose a job you’ve had for what seems like a lifetime, one you used to define yourself.

Or divorce shatters your heart and your way of life, and you’re left wondering how to start over and what pieces to take with you.

Or you’ve had to let go of someone close to you (someone that kept you grounded and helped you figure things out) because it was time for your dear loved one to take hold of the Lord’s hand and go home with Him.

All of these changes and losses can leave you feeling just that – lost.

Oh, precious soul. Your Heavenly Father knows your heart. He knows how hard this season is for you. He will carry you through it because He is faithful and loves you more than you can understand right now.

If you’re feeling lost, look to His Son, Jesus Christ. In Him, you will find strength when you’re weak.

If you’re feeling discouraged or heartbroken, He will comfort you through His Holy Spirit – the One who is with you even now as you’re reading these words.

And if you’re not sure how to begin or which steps to take, the Lord will direct your steps when you ask Him and wait for Him to lead.

Oh, dear soul. You may FEEL lost, but your Heavenly Father knows YOU and right where you are. He also knows all about the matters of your heart – the beautiful, tender heart He created. Don’t worry about figuring everything out. God has all the answers because He IS the answer.

Trust that He’s still in control, and He truly does have a good plan for you in all of this.

Keep looking to Him, keep waiting on Him, and keep crying out to Him, and you’ll find yourself – safe in His arms.

And there you will find He is carrying you and guiding you lovingly into the new and wonderful season He’s been preparing for you. ❤️

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