Crowded Out by Weeds

“And the seed [the Word of God] that fell in the weeds – well, these are the ones who hear, but then the seed is crowded out and nothing comes of it as they go about their lives worrying about tomorrow, making money, and having fun.”

Luke 8:14 MSG.

There are things in this life that can stop you from growing closer to God. Things that crowd out God’s Word and stop it from sinking into your heart. Things that entangle and hold you back from becoming the person He wants you to be.


Living in a state of worry takes your focus off of God and aims it directly at current problems or those that could happen tomorrow. It’s a sense of dread or pressure that squeezes and chokes God’s Word right out of you – the Word that points you to the One who has all the answers and can bring you peace.

Fixating on having more “stuff” and how you can make more money sends you frantically chasing the illusion that those things will bring you lasting happiness. And with money, you believe there is power, so you ignore the power of God’s Word and run after the world’s currency instead of banking on eternal treasures you could be storing up right now.

And living the “It’s all about me” or “Do whatever makes you feel good” lifestyle entangles your feet so you don’t really go anywhere or do anything. You’re wrapped up in “self” and running on your emotions. You live a shallow life, completely unaware or worse, unaffected by the suffering of those around you. God’s Word seems inconvenient and too time-consuming as you rush off to have a little fun, something you intend to post on social media should anyone question your goals in life.

Oh, precious soul. God has so much more for you than allowing a bunch of weeds to crowd out His Word from reaching your heart.

He has truth when the world lies to you, hope when the world has none to give, and promises for a full life now AND throughout eternity – promises the world can never keep.

It’s all in His Word.

Don’t let the worries, the riches, or the pleasures of this world strangle God’s Word and stop you from growing closer to Him and living one amazing life – one that pleases Him and thrills your very soul. ♥️

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