Through It All

Unfortunately, you’re going to go through some difficult times in your life.

Illness may knock on your door or even barge in when you least expect it like an unwanted guest that’s planning to stay for an undisclosed amount of time.

Or maybe a relationship you were counting on has crumbled, leaving you heartbroken and your life shattered.

Maybe your bank account has a slow leak like a tire that keeps going flat. Or worse, a complete blowout that leaves you on the verge of a panic attack that lasts for days and keeps you up at night.

The world around you may be pressing in and squeezing you as it tries to force you into some sort of mold you KNOW God doesn’t want for you. You know you’re not to conform to the pattern of this world, but it gets harder and harder to stand against it – like trying to stand against powerful winds as you brace yourself on the peak of a mountain.

You watch the horizon and cringe as more and more things come against you. It may get harder to breathe, harder to focus on anything BUT those howling winds. Your strength may start to fail, and your doubts are multiplying.

Oh, precious soul, remember to whom you belong! You do not stand alone. You do not face the winds as someone who is hopeless or helpless.

You were ransomed, bought and paid for by the blood of Jesus Christ. You have great worth to your heavenly Father, to your Savior.

He didn’t save you in order to pull back and out of your life so you can succumb to life’s constant battles, tug-of-war winds, or earthly concerns.

Your God is with you, and He is mighty to save you over and over throughout your life, leading you to one victory after another.

Of course, you still have to go THROUGH difficulties. But you can have peace because your God goes with you – through it all.

He is with you during the procedure, during that medical test you’re dreading. Perhaps it’s His hand you sense resting on your arm moments before you close your eyes.

He is with you, loving you when human love has failed and hurt you to the core. He will be there in the days to come, helping to heal your wounded heart in ways that will astound and bless you.

He is with you while you’re balancing your checkbook, when you look at the week ahead and wonder how you’re going to make the money stretch. He will be there too, throughout the week, providing in ways you never imagined.

And of course, your heavenly Father is with you when you step outside your door and venture into the world. He is completely aware of what’s going on and what causes anxiety to swell within your heart.

Remember, He knows your heart just as He knows the hearts of those who try to oppress His children – those who try to control or manipulate, setting up stumbling blocks to righteous living. Your God is a just God. Trust Him that justice will prevail. He is handling it beyond your sight, behind the scenes, and in ways you can’t even comprehend.

And keep trusting Him as you cling to Him. Imagine yourself as a child, taking hold of your heavenly Father’s hand as He offers it to you – as He promises to walk with you.

Through the deep waters. Through the rivers of difficulties. And through the fire of oppression.

Just imagine, precious soul, the love mirrored in your heavenly Father’s eyes when He looks upon you – and what peace you’ll have when you fix your eyes, not on the difficulties, but on the One who loves you enough to die for you and still walk with you through it all.

“When you go through deep waters, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown. When you walk through the fire of oppression, you will not be burned up; the flames will not consume you. For I am the Lord, your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior.”

Isaiah 43:2-3a NLT.

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