A Moment to Reflect – Silence

Sometimes you’re met with silence when you go to God.

You wonder if you’re praying wrong or if God is mad at you. You may even begin to doubt that He cares or worse, that He even exists.

Oh, dear soul, don’t entertain those lies from the enemy or let them torment you in those moments of silence. God hasn’t left you. And of course your heavenly Father cares deeply about you and your situation.

Will you still trust Him when He’s quiet?

Maybe He’s waiting on you to step out and do what He’s already told you to do. Think back to the last thing He said. Begin there.

Perhaps His silence is the pause before some great revelation in your life. Use this silence to draw closer to Him while you wait.

Or maybe you’re afraid of what He will say to you so you’re, in a sense, walking through life with your hands over your ears or the world’s busy noise pressed up against your ears to block Him out.

Oh, precious soul, your heavenly Father wants you to hear Him. Be still and listen. He has so much to share with you, to teach you. He wants you to experience His love for yourself and have that intimate relationship with Him.

His silence doesn’t mean He’s absent from your life. God said He’d never leave you, and He never goes back on His word.


So trust Him and keep being faithful to Him. Praise Him in the silence. Thank Him in your tears. Don’t think for a minute that He’s left you – He is closer than you realize.

And if His silence lingers, don’t doubt. Remember His faithfulness, His goodness to you in the past. Keep going to Him. Read His Word. Ask the Holy Spirit to comfort you and teach you about this silence. And yes, ask Him to show you if you’ve gone off track and stepped out of His will for your life.

Sometimes, precious soul, your heavenly Father is silent because He misses you, and He’s waiting for you to return to Him.♥️

Deeper Reflection: Read Psalm 13 and Psalm 46:10.

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