I Know Who Sends the Snow

As I knelt in the garden planting squash, it began to snow tiny white blossoms, dotting the black fabric like confetti.

Those tender flecks fell for hours, sometimes riding in on bursts of wind and skimming the fabric like shiny pebbles across a dark pond and other times softly sneaking up on me, kissing my arms and sticking in my hair.

Once, the wind blew forcefully, and those blossoms scattered like hail on the weed barrier as if demanding my full attention because noticing wasn’t enough – I needed to SEE.

I know Who sends the snow and Who understands how the garden brings me peace when I’m overwhelmed.

My Heavenly Father reminded me that HE knows my heart as I stood with dirt under my nails and blossoms in my hair.

To some, this may be nothing more than the wind shaking buds from the trees but not to me. Through those delicate white specks, my Heavenly Father reminded me of the closeness we share during the not-so-busy winter months and how He first captivated my heart during Christmas when I was a child.

During an ordinary spring day, my Heavenly Father covered our garden in white blossoms while giving me an unexpected blessing that surprised and delighted me – more of Him.

Remember, precious soul, your Heavenly Father knows the desires of YOUR heart, even when they’re nothing more than faint whispers crying out from the busyness and noise that consumes us all at times. It only takes a moment to SEE and be still to experience a deeper, closer relationship with Him.

Closeness, after all, is His desire too. ❤️

“Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

Psalm 37:4 NIV.


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