“The Lord is righteous in all his ways and loving toward all he has made. The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth. He fulfills the desires of those who fear him; he hears their cry and saves them.”

Psalm 145:17-19 NIV.

When you feel like you can’t take one more thing…

When your whole world seems to cave in on you, bringing a heaviness that crushes you under the weight…

When the unrelenting claws of depression and anxiety seem to have mangled every thought and breaking free from that piercing hold feels impossible…

When you think you’re alone because no one reaches out to you when you need someone the most…

When it seems like things will never get better and darkness has rooted itself in your soul…

When you’ve hit your breaking point, and you find yourself sobbing and leaning against a wall because it seems the only way to remain standing…

Oh, precious soul. When these things happen, cry out to God. Let Him hear your voice, your agony, your desperation. Scream, yell, beg, and drop down in a heap. Give over your thoughts to Him. Clear out your feelings before Him. Talk to Him about everything. Be honest with Him.

And then ask.

Ask God to send His angels to encamp around you while you’re in this battle. Ask Him to bring you peace so you can breathe again. Ask for His help and wisdom to make sense of what’s happening. Ask God, the Creator of all things, to hold you as He mends the fragments of your brokenness.

Ask Him to forgive you if you’ve messed up and how to let go of it.

And then ask Him for the truth. He will reveal it to you in a whisper or through His Word. He can reach you in ways no one else can.

Sometimes what you feel, what things may seem, and what you think are not always truthful. And you need the truth in desperate times.

You need something solid to stand on. You need someone you can trust who will never lie to you, manipulate, or try to hinder what’s best for you out of their selfish ambitions or schemes.

You need your Heavenly Father.

Of course, He sends others to help. He sends His angels to guard you. He moves in miraculous and mysterious ways that are beyond your thoughts and ways.

Always in truth.

Don’t you see? You are precious in His sight. He will never hide His truth, leaving you to guess, doubt, or wonder. He will always provide the light of His truth to counteract the darkness of lies, half-truths, distraught feelings, and distorted thoughts.

And He knows how to comfort and protect you while He reveals the wonderful truth that He is near. He will meet you in the hallway, your bedroom, and even while you’re driving. He will hold you by the hand when it seems the whole world is against you or has abandoned you and you have nowhere else to turn.

Oh, precious soul. When you need Him – and even when you don’t know you need Him – God will be there for you. Always. ðŸ’–


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