Rough Waters

“When you’re in over your head, I’ll be there with you. When you’re in rough waters, you will not go down.”

Isaiah 43:2 MSG.

You’re not always going to know when someone you love is in trouble. You might think silence means busyness. You might assume the texting and phone calls stopped because you’ve done something wrong.

Sometimes silence means suffering.

When a loved one or a close friend suddenly drops out of your life, it may be that he’s suffering. He may be in rough waters and struggling to keep his head above the surface. He can’t cry out for help.

What can you do?

Listen. Listen for the Holy Spirit. Listen through the silence for heartbreak and suffering. When you enter into God’s presence and listen and ask Him for wisdom, He will faithfully provide it.

Pray. Pray for those who’ve quietly slipped away. Perhaps the season of your relationship has come to an end, and your fingertips will touch less and less as you drift apart. Or maybe you need to reach out, grab on, and pull them from the water before they sink into the darkness. The Holy Spirit will guide you in this matter.

Be alert. Satan is in the water too and will do all he can to pull down those weary souls, to weigh them down with discouragement, so they’ll give up.

The enemy is after your loved ones and friends. Stand guard on their behalf and pray like never before. Speak the name of Jesus and plead the blood of Jesus Christ over them.

The deep waters are a spiritual battlefield. Souls are at stake, and you’re at war with the enemy. But there’s no need to be afraid. Be strong and courageous. Let God use you as He goes WITH you. Save those God has entrusted to your care from the enemy’s grasp and the world’s heartache. Don’t stop fighting for them. Not ever. ❤️

Oh, precious soul. If YOU are struggling to keep afloat in the water, please know you’re not alone. Your Heavenly Father is with you, and He will NOT let you go down. Whisper the name of Jesus and the enemy will flee. And know that many hands are reaching out to you right now in prayer:

Heavenly Father, we lift our brothers and sisters to You now, those who are struggling in the rough waters. Lord, reach down in Your might and grace and pull them from the dark waters. In Jesus’ name, we ask for a mighty rescue. We ask for peace and strength. And we ask for rest from this battle for their weary souls. Lord, we plead the precious and powerful blood of Your Son, Jesus Christ over Your children as they read this prayer. The enemy has no hold over them! Satan must flee, in Jesus’ name! Lord, replace fear, doubt, and hopelessness with the hope and victory we find in You. Bring an abundance of JOY, Lord. And as You lift these precious souls from the water, as it drips from their skin, may they feel Your love wrapping around them as they cling to You. May they rest in Your arms as You quiet their cries with Your love. And may they come to love You and know You more. It’s in Jesus’ name we ask and pray all these things. Amen.

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