“The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; and He knows those who trust in Him.”

Nahum 1:7 NKJV.

There’s so much to learn about God, layers of His goodness. Just when you think you’re “getting it,” He calls you to go deeper.

The closeness you can have with your Heavenly Father when you go deeper, well, the world can’t offer you anything like it. The world gives you shallow things, things that fail over time. But God’s love never fails, and He gives you all of eternity to explore and experience His love.

He lavishes it on you. Generously, without holding back. The more you seek His face and the more you crave and hunger to know Him, the more intimate your relationship will become. It will flourish beyond anything you can possibly imagine.

It will be like no other relationship you’ve ever known. It will change you, move you, excite and thrill you. You’ll wonder how you ever took a single breath without knowing the closeness of God.

And yet, there are still more layers.

When troubles come, you can drop to your knees and call out to God. He will be there. He will come to you in that very moment when you sense your heart is about to shatter. And He will bring you the strength to get up and keep moving and peace that will confound those around you as you trust Him more and more.

When you go deeper, wanting more still, you get to know the God of all creation who not only created the depths of the oceans but the tiniest droplets on delicate petals. You’ll see His power and His tenderness.

And you’ll understand a profound truth – Almighty God knows YOU. Personally. Intimately. He knows the real you most don’t see. He knows what will catch your eye, what will draw you closer to Him. He wants you to see Him all around in the mountains He’s carved and flowers He’s meticulously painted. He wants you to hear His still small voice speaking to you on the inside.

God wants you to know HIM and how He came to save you through His Son, Jesus Christ. And He wants you to know that He masterfully created you with a plan and a purpose. Go deeper with Him. He will reveal the steps you need to take to fulfill that plan. You don’t need to search for the answer. God has the answer because He IS the answer.

And your Heavenly Father is just waiting to take you deeper, to reveal more and more of Himself to you in wonderful, beautiful layers. ❤️

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