Your Rescue

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From where you’re standing, things may seem pretty hopeless. You may feel like there’s no way out, and you can’t see any help on the horizon.

Maybe you feel alone and your strength is dwindling. You don’t know how much more you can take.

You have faith in God and you know He’s good, but you’re struggling to see how He’s going to rescue you. And you wonder what’s taking Him so long.

You know the enemy is close. You sense the darkness, the heaviness he brings. You know how he operates and how he’s trying to fill you with fear and doubt. Satan wants you to grow impatient, to forget about God, and try to figure things out on your own.

Oh, precious soul. Remember the Red Sea.

Imagine what it must have been like to have no way out – water before you, mountains around you, and the enemy close behind – trapped.

There was no way for human strength or reasoning to come to the rescue. Any attempt to fight or flee would have been disastrous. The only way out was to wait for God to move.

Oh, dear soul. God IS moving in your situation. You may not see Him or all that He’s working on behind the scenes, beyond your natural vision or awareness, but He is working on your behalf. He is faithful.

Wait and listen. Obey your heavenly Father. Trust that He has plan.

Because He does.

You may be at your wits’ end with no way to fight or flee and trying would only be disastrous.

Dig your heels in, pray, and stand your ground. The harder the enemy pursues, the closer he moves in, and the more obstacles that come against you, the greater and mightier the rescue your God will bring.

You will know it’s God when it happens. There will be no denying it. Watch and see what God is going to do. Wait for it. Don’t rush ahead and try to fix things.

Almighty God has never failed you and He’s not about to start now. Your rescue is coming. Be ready to stand in awe as the miraculous hand of God fights for you and makes a way for you – right through the impossible for all the world to see. ♥️

“Moses answered the people, ‘Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again. The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.'”

Exodus 14:13-14 NIV.

One thought on “Your Rescue

  1. Earlier in our country’s history, Americans were encouraged to “Remember the Alamo!” But, as your devotional reminds us, it is always good for Christians facing difficult circumstances to remember the Red Sea!


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