Waiting is hard work. It’s especially difficult for the underdog. You might feel like you don’t have much support or encouragement, that others don’t believe in you and actually voice such things. You might even feel like you’re stuck in a prison of sorts waiting for the moment when you’ll break free and step into your calling –what God created you to do.

But God is with you in the waiting just like He was with Joseph when his brothers sold him to slave traders. Joseph wound up far from home in Egypt and was eventually imprisoned for something he didn’t do.

I wonder how he felt in prison. Did he have moments of discouragement when the prison cell seemed especially dark and his life seemed to drag on from one day to the next?

Or did he notice what God was doing? Did he recognize God’s favor even while in the musty prison cell when everyone else seemed to forget him?

I think he did. He took that time and he grew. He matured. His faith in the Lord developed and became stronger than the prison walls that held him captive.

And YEARS later God used Joseph to save lives during seven years of famine.

Little Joseph. The dreamer. The little boy his brothers jealously hated. The one they laughed at and ridiculed. The one they tried to rid the family of and tried to forget.

God lifted Joseph up and used him mightily for His plans. In His timing.

Joseph just had to keep his eyes on God while he waited. And that, my fellow underdog, is what we need to do.

We need to keep our eyes on God and what He’s doing in our lives until He deems it time to step into our calling.

Keep going and growing. Don’t give up. God is faithful, and He hasn’t forgotten you. Your time is coming too.

“…the Lord was with Joseph and gave him success in whatever he did.” (Genesis 39:23b NIV.)

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